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Allen Sharpe

About Karate Masters Family Martial Arts Academy in Spring, TX

Meet Allen Sharpe

Senior Master Instructor at
Karate Masters Family Martial Arts Academy in Spring
7th Degree Black Belt

​Who We Are

At Karate Masters, we have a lifelong passion for the martial arts and have been influencing and contributing to our communities for over 30 years.

We work hard at bringing an amazing experience to our students and families to enrich their lives through authentic, traditional and contemporary martial arts training. We provide a safe, fun, learning environment where everyone is the star of his or her own team through consistent effort and attendance!

We are proud members since 1983 of the World Tang Soo Do Association which is the largest Tang Soo Do (Korean Karate) organization in the world with over 350 schools worldwide. Karate Masters is the Region 4 Headquarters for the WTSDA which covers the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri.

Karate Masters was the featured “School of the Month” in Taekwondo Times magazine and was also honored by the induction into the World Tang Soo Do Association’s Hall of Fame as “School of the Year” in 2012.

Our classes are exciting, fast paced and challenging. Our goal is to provide the best martial arts training in the Spring/North Houston area. All instructors are internationally certified and attend yearly continuing education seminars and clinics so we can continue to provide the most up to date and beneficial teaching methods.

We teach effective self defense skills but we are not a full contact studio. We train as close to reality as possible without the risk of injury to our students, especially children.

Our Facility:

We have a fantastic, professional training facility and classroom for our students at Karate Masters. Professional grade training floors with top of the line mats for stand up training and ground training. Our school is clean, fresh, well lit with the latest training equipment for all of our students. When you walk in the door you’ll notice the Karate Master’s Difference!

Our Instructors:

Our Instructors are a Team of dedicated, passionate professionals who take pride in our students and curriculum!

All of our Black Belt Instructors are Internationally Certified through the World Tang Soo Do Association, have at least 7 years of experience as well as receiving ongoing training with the best Teaching Specialists in the world!

They are enthusiastic, motivating, and knowledgeable and firmly believe that they make a difference in our student’s lives. They are here to help you with any question or challenge and will do their best to ensure that you are sweating, smiling and learning every class!

Our Family:

Yes, we are a family! Our school prides itself on being a “full family learning center” with multiple families learning and having fun weekly! We have classes for pre-school age children, youth, teens, adults and families. We really believe the adage, “The family that kicks together, stays together!”.

Our classes and events support this with Parent’s Night Outs, Birthday Parties, Holiday Events, Parents as Coaches Days, Buddy Days and much more!

Please enjoy our new website and look at the different programs we offer. We can’t wait to meet you in person at our Academy!

Senior Master Allen Sharpe

Master Sharpe began his martial arts training in 1970 in Seoul, Korea and has been training and teaching continuously for almost 50 years.

He started martial arts because his parents felt he would need the confidence and self defense skills as he was smaller than the average boy and of Korean descent. Not only did he gain much confidence but he also learned skills to carry him through the rest of his life!

Master Sharpe is currently a 7th Degree Black Belt (Senior Master) in the art of Tang Soo Do (Korean Karate) as well as a 5th Degree Black Belt in Hapkido (Korean Jujitsu) and a Master Instructor of Haidong Gumdo (Korean Sword Arts). He was inducted into the World Tang Soo Do Association’s Hall of Fame as “Master of the Year” and is also featured in the book, “Traditional Tang Soo Do, Vol. 2” by Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin.

Additionally, he spent many years teaching for the Department of Criminal Justice in the areas of: Special Operations, Firearms, Restraint Tactics and Defensive Tactics.

A graduate of the Houston SWAT program, he brings to Karate Masters his experiences and real world knowledge of practical self defense and personal protection.

However, his real love is teaching children and seeing them grow into excellent young adults who are leaders in the community.

Over the years he has been blessed to teach many young students who have achieved high levels in their lives, which they attribute to their martial arts training.

The greatest compliment is when his young students have families of their own and bring their own children to Karate Masters to continue the cycle of learning!

Master Giselle Sharpe

Master Giselle Sharpe began her martial arts training in 1991 and has been training and teaching for almost 25 years.

She is an Internationally Certified 4th Degree Master in the art of Tang Soo Do as well as being the International Director for the World Tang Soo Do Association’s “Hwarang Dan League” Youth Enrichment Program.

Master “G” as she is affectionately called by her students is a multi award winner in the martial arts with many Grand Championships in fighting, forms and weapons as well as achieving “Instructor of the Year” awards in Region 4, Region 8 and being inducted into the World Tang Soo Do Association’s Hall of Fame as the 2010 Instructor of the Year!

Her greatest joy is teaching, whether it’s children or adults.

She believes that teaching is the one area which she can have the greatest impact, especially in the lives of children. Giselle has taught students as young as 2.5 years old in venues as varied as: early development schools, stranger danger seminars, scouting seminars, elementary school safety seminars, women’s self defense clinics and competition seminars.

She has been the primary instructor to numerous black belts, many of whom she has trained since they were 6 and 7 years of age. Each of these students is part of her family and she insures that they are taught not just at the dojang but are coached and mentored outside as well.

She has counseled, grieved, laughed and cried with many of the students and families which she considers part of “her family”.

Giselle has a passion for teaching, a true love that translates to a love for people. Today, she is doing what she enjoys the most, sharing that passion and love of Tang Soo Do and family.

She truly believes that her success is not measured by belt ranks or awards, but by the changed lives of her students.

How To Get Started

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